How to Choose the Right Virtual Assistant

The addition of a virtual assistant to your workforce is a big decision. You need to make sure you ask all the right questions to ensure you get what you expect out of the relationship. So, how do you find the right virtual assistant?

What qualities are essential for a virtual assistant?

  • Responsible

Perhaps the most important aspect to look for in choosing a virtual assistant is that they should be responsible for their duties. The priority of a virtual assistant is to help you take your company where you want it to go.

You want to make sure that your VA can be fully trusted and dependable in completing all of their duties properly. 

Your main priority as a business owner is to ensure all the important tasks are completed.

By sticking with an employee who fulfills these responsibilities and keeping them on, you give yourself plenty of room to rise up through the business world.

  • Trustworthy

We all keep important information in our inboxes. Our confidential information could end up in the wrong hands. To minimize those chances, look for assistants who have a good reputation, responsive customer support team.

When you’re interviewing virtual assistant companies, try to find one that specializes in getting the job done efficiently and quickly with communicative nature.

  • Resourceful

Your virtual assistant should be an individual who is willing to learn a lot and help you out in their own unique way. 

They should be someone who isn’t reluctant in letting you know when they’re having any problems with something (may it be a technology or workflow-related problem) but is willing to fix things on their own as much as they can before reaching out to you for help. 

It’s always best to hire a VA that is open, honest and willing to take charge!

  • Responsive

When working with a virtual assistant remotely, communication is vital.

It is important to be responsive so as to avoid confusion and misinterpretation of communications.

Best VA’s are quick to answer emails, messages or any queries the client has and push themselves to deliver a top-notch and well-thought-out response.

  • Attentive to Details

A great virtual assistant needs to be detail-oriented and should make sure important things get done with the little details taken care of.

Virtual assistants handle important stuff like emails, scheduling meetings, handling clients of the business, that’s why you need someone who takes care of all the details.

When hiring for a position, it’s important to be very clear about what tasks you want your employees to do on a daily and weekly basis. Be realistic about your expectations.

Drawing up lists of the tasks you need your VA to accomplish on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis helps to organize your requirements and thoughts on what you expect from your VA and help them also to understand your needs clearly.

Now that you know what you expect from your VA, you want to know what your perfect candidate looks like. You can make a list of “essential” and “nice to have” skills/characteristics to find the perfect VA for your business.  

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