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Smart Plans

– Create customized Smart Plans
– Assign Smart Plans to contacts
– Edit existing customized Smart Plans


– Nurturing a healthy contact database
– Add contacts
– Update information
– Assign a neighborhood to a contact
– Import contacts from other platforms
– Export contacts in an Excel File
– Manage and add tags


– Create an opportunity
– Add documents to an opportunity
– Import an opportunity (from Dotloop)
– Track an opportunity


– Create campaigns
(ads, emails, direct emails)
– Publish campaigns
– Renew existing campaigns
– Tracking leads from campaigns


– Create all kind of designs in Command
– Publish designs on social media

App and Website

– Create Consumer App
– Add landing pages
– Edit landing pages
– Maintaining agent’s KW site
– Adding Blogs to your KW site

MLS Platforms

– Enter listings
– Maintain listings
– Add/Manage contacts in MLS platforms
– Set up subscriptions in MLS platforms
– Set up searches in MLS platforms
– Pull out market info from MLS
– Creating RPR reports
– Sending out RPR reports


– Scheduling showings in ShowingTime
– Keeping track of showings (approved/disapproved)
– Email listing agents for a showing

Social Media

– Creating social media profiles
– Creating and Scheduling posts
– Designing content for advertising
– Creating ads on social media
– Creating social media accounts
– Managing social media accounts
– Engaging accounts in order to get more leads
– Sending messages on social media accounts


– Inputting contacts in Brivity
– Exporting contacts from Brivity
– Labeling Contacts
– Setting contacts on Drip campaigns
– Following up with Leads
– Setting leads on Searches


– Ordering Virtual Staging for photos Ordering remodelling for photos
– Ordering the removal of clutter or
objects from a photo
– Ordering Copyright for properties
– Ordering image enhancement
– Ordering Floor Plans
-Ordering 360 virtual tours and virtual staging


– Clean and label emails
– Sort out/label emails on
a daily basis
-Schedule emails
– Send out massive emails
– Responding to emails in accordance to a given template


– Exporting contacts
– Adding contacts
– Creating loops
– Adding documents to loops
– Managing documents in loops

Quantum Digital

– Sending mailers to
specific areas or lists
– Creating all sorts of marketing Material


– Exporting leads
– Creating custom emails
to go out
– Assigning Smart-Drip plans
– Sending welcome emails


– Managing leads in Zillow
– Exporting leads from Zillow
– Responding to messages
according to a given template
– Tracking leads


– Creating and designing emails
for sending out
-Sending out massive emails
-Scheduling emails to go out


– Sending out massive emails
– Scheduling Facebook, Instagram and
Twitter ads to go out
– Creating ads and emails


– Managing contacts in Mojo
– Assigning and completing tasks in Mojo
– Calling and following up with leads
Labeling contacts
– Managing labels and groups

Constant Contact

– Creating Massive email campaigns
– Creating Monthly Newsletters
– Sending out massive email campaigns to specific lists Scheduling massive
email campaigns to go out


– Sending PEAD forms
for signing
– Sending disclosures for sign in


– Scheduling monthly posts for all Social Media


– Scheduling monthly posts for all Social Media

– Scheduling monthly posts for all Social Media


– Transferring Leads from zBuyer to CRM platforms
– Following up with Leads


– Connecting HomeKepr
to Website and Facebook


– Creating Rooms in Docusign
– Adding information to a certain room
– Adding information to a document
– Preparing documents for signing
– Sending documents for signing
– Sending out contracts for signatures
– Sending COVID-19 advisories


– Designing promotional material for listings
– Designing social media posts
– Designing postcards
– Designing cards for holidays
– Designing Business cards and Banners
– Creating designs from templates and also creating custom designs


– Creating marketing material from templates
– Creating and uploading custom
marketing material
– Ordering marketing material to be
sent to specific neighbourhoods
– Ordering marketing material to arrive
at a certain destination

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